DEAD is an independent ghost buddy film made in Auckland, New Zealand in 2018.

It’s due to International Premiere at SXSW in 2019 (fingers crossed). It’s a masterpiece.


Dane ‘Marbles’ Marbeck can see ghosts thanks to a homemade drug: his late father’s neurological medication mixed with marijuana.

Marbles’ mum plans to sell the family farm, the only link to his happy memories with his dad. So when Officer Tagg shows up, freshly murdered while pursuing a serial killer and offering money in exchange for Marbles help, Marbles accepts. The unlikely duo of druggie medium and ghost cop struggle to reconcile their differences while they navigate their way through ghouls, perverts, a mysterious hooded figure, and an unexpected shot at love.

It becomes clear the only way Marbles and Tagg will solve the case with their souls intact is to confront their deepest regrets and overcome their prejudices.



After Chronesthesia (trailer here), we were excited to make another film with all the lessons under our belt.

Rob secured a bit of investment for the shoot, enough to pay some people some money, and he found sponsorship so we could eat and drink coffee.

20.5 days of shooting on the Arri Amira (thanks Metro Film) with some of New Zealand’s most talented actors in beautiful locations, we have the footage of what is soon to be renowned as Aotearoa’s greatest buddy mystery with ghosts.


Updates will come, but for now let’s just rave about our Director of Photography Tammy Williams.



Get in touch if you’d like. We’re gonna be pushing this film pretty hard so any collaborations with promotion would be grand.